Dave Dravecky

SF Giants (Retired) MLB Pitcher, Author & Cancer Survivor

In 1988 Dave was at the top of his game and life. Not only did he have a wonderful family, but he was also reaching his All-Star peak playing the game of his childhood dreams. His 5-1 opening day victory was overshadowed later that fell by the discovery of cancer and the removal of half of the deltoid muscle in his pitching arm. Defying all odds, after battling cancer, on August 10, 1989, Dave came back to pitch once again in the Major Leagues. Sadly, Dave's comeback was short-lived. Five days later, in Montreal, Dave threw “the pitch that could be heard round the world." Dave's arm had split in two. His arm along with his shoulder blade and left side of his collarbone were amputated for fear the cancer would spread and take Dave's life. He began to ask questions many ponder. After a long search, Dave discovered his true worth could never be shaken by adversity or loss again.